Monday, September 7, 2009

Review: Maximum Ride

Author: James Paterson
Cover rating: 6/10
Character rating: 10/10!
Plot rating: 8/10
Overall rating: 9/10!

Okay, so frankly, when my mom mentioned to me that I might want to read a book about mutant bird kids I wasn’t exactly thrilled with the idea. Honestly, the only reason I actually did read the book was because I was so bored that I thought I might go nuts! But as soon as I starting reading I was whisked off to Max’s world of soaring through the air and fights to the death. I soon totally forgot the fact that they were mutant freaks. That is of course till they started sneaking through top secret facilities and running through subway tunnels to find out who they were and where they belonged. Along the way Max finds out that it's her job to save the world. So from now on Max and the flock's agenda is not only to find out who they are but also TO SAVE THE WORLD!!!! If that’s not pressure I don’t know what is.

Max and the flock set off to save the world only to have their plans stifled by mad scientists at every turn. Though most fourteen year old girls' problems have to do with shopping and homework assignments, Max’s problems are more along the lines of: How do I explain morals to a mind-controlling six-year-old and hiding from blood thirsty half-wolf-half-mutants. Along with you know, the simple pleasures like food and water.

Even though Max’s problems are totally different from the average teen she is still completely relatable with problems like: falling love with your best friend! Max is a tough, wise cracking, sarcastic, kick butt character who has a soft heart for her flock. Though this book is more on the science-fictiony side, it is still a great adventure!

(Though it is a very awesome adventure to go on I would probably recommend that people under the age of eleven sit this adventure out)


  1. LOVE THE BLOG! I would even read the book.

  2. SK, my son read this one and liked it a lot. He hasn't gotten very far with the next book in the series, though (School's Out -- Forever) ... if you get around to that one soon, I'd love to know how you liked it!

  3. Yeah thats a really good book I love your blog! have u read the rest of those books and the Daniel X books?

  4. Robbie,
    I read all five of the Maximum Ride books amd they are some of my favorites! I haven't read any of the Daniel X books are they any good?

  5. Mrs. D,
    The second book (School's Out Forever) was my favorite! If he hasn't finished it yet he should definitely read it!

  6. Yeah i like them a lot but this series is definitely better but have you read the hunger games? Thats one of the best books ever written